Croatia is a beautiful country in the east of Europe. It enjoys warm, sunny weather throughout most of the year. The country is small in size but has a lot to offer for almost every type of personality. There are a few major cities in Croatia such as Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Hvar Island, which are the most popular amongst tourists.

People go to Croatia all the time. Hence, there are several vacation packages that are alluring and may be the reason you come to this sun-kissed country.

We have researched and listed some of the most popular vacation packages to Croatia in the reviews below:

Game of Thrones: A Unique Tour of Croatia

Get ready to be excited if you are a die-hard Game Of Thrones fan because now you can actually visit the places where the story was shot at. Isn’t this like a dream come true?!?!

Game of Thrones is a production so rich that it begs portrayal, so charming that it can’t be resisted and so enamoring that it leaves you avidly anticipating the following scene.
Fitting, then, that it is shot in Croatia, where history lives on every corner and sentiment fills the air.

Croatia was once a part of the Venetian Republic. The fights and victories involving some of the kingdoms during the fifteenth – eighteenth century were surely deserving of a Game of Thrones story! This visit takes you through the production’s best areas of the show as well as those of Croatia, obscuring the line between imagination and reality.

The Game Of Thrones tour is one of the most popular Croatian tours and has been rated 5 stars by several travelers.

Croatia Nature and Wine Tour – Zagreb, Plitvice, Split, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik

Croatia is a country full of natural and historical significance. Nature junkies will delight in the exciting views and breathtaking locations. History buffs will rave over the relics of the past.
Foodies will love the energetic culinary scene, and art lovers will praise the exhibition halls.
There may be numerous reasons why you come to Croatia; but whatever it is, the nation’s compelling appeal is certain to make you stay for a while.

Learn more about this exclusive tour.

Sailing Along the Magnificent Croatian Coastline & Islands

For this outing all you need is a couple T-shirts and a swimming outfit to burn through the life-changing days cruising on the northern Adriatic Sea starting with one island then moving onto the next. Unwind and let the captain and his group (particularly the cook) guide and take care of you. During the day you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe, kayak, and investigate the underworld of the Adriatic Sea. In the evenign you have the opportunity to locate a decent eatery or find old houses of worship or other authentic landmarks.

There are so many different things to do on the coastline of the Croatian land that you will be overwhelmed. You can do some of them or try all of them. See what the coastline offers for you.

Exploring the Wildlife

While Croatia is not popular for its wildlife, it does have a diverse range that would interest any animal explorer. You can go to Jelsa, Lokva Rogoznica or Donji Seget among many other places. There are a variety of opportunities awaiting you.

Have you been on a safari before? You were probably on a jeep while roaming in the wild, viewing potentially dangerous animals. How about exchanging these animals with beautiful horses? This is what you will get when you go for a wild safari exploration in Croatia. Since you can get down and play with the animals, it makes the trip all the more exciting.

If you are not the land animal explorer, you can always go for researching the sea. Fishing is popular in Croatia and you will have tons of opportunities to flex your skills (if you have any!).

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Cycling Across The Country

If you love cycling, you will be glad to hear that Croatia is a cycle-friendly country. The people are calm and nice, so even if you ride on the road (at your own risk), chances are they will patiently drive by you or behind you.

If you do not own a cycle, you can rent one from agencies such as Meridian Ten. These are professional and well organized, serving thousands of visitors each year. As a cycler, you can become a part of a guided tour or go venturing on your own. You can go across the cities or explore extensively in one of them – that’s all up to you.

To learn more about this and read experiences of fellow bikers, you can click here.


As a first-time trip will uncover, Croatia holds some of the greatest surprises: a Roman emperor’s royal residence and one of earth’s biggest open air fight pits. It also has a walled city! The country probably has one of the most picturesque waterfront drives on the planet.

Olive oil, pizza, fish, truffles… Long evening rests, charming bistros… Best of all, all the amenities in the country can be enjoyed on a budget. Croatia can give you a fantasy Mediterranean excursion at as low as $25 a night for a room with a great view, $8 for a meal, and $2.50 for attractions. This makes Croatia a must go for people of all ages and marital status. There is a lot in store for all.

For more information: Call the Croatian National Tourist Board at 800/829-4416 or visit


  1. I spent half a day in Dubrovnik last year but it was obviously not enough. I need to go back to Croatia and do all of the above!

    • I spent most of my summer vacations in Croatia, Dubrovnik is really beautiful and fascinating town but Split is my favourite, I like it even more than Dubrovnik!

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