You need to go on vacation. Obviously you do. The issue is, everybody you know is either busy with their married life or pregnant or excessively underemployed or too overemployed, making it impossible for anyone to accompany you. While you can take it negatively and feel sad, actually it’s an ideal opportunity to go on your fantasy excursion—alone.

Of course it might sound alarming initially. Will you get desolate? Will you get lost? The dangers are terrifying but the rewards could be totally worth it. More than likely, you’ll come back home with awesome stories for your next supper gathering and the telephone numbers of a few new friends.

In the list below, we have reviewed the best and safest places to go as a single traveler for vacation. While there are countless numbers of places you can visit, the ones below have been most popular with lone explorers.


Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea. It’s particularly known for its Old Town, enclosed with huge stone walls constructed in the sixteenth century. Its well-preserved structures range from elaborate St. Blaise Church to Renaissance Sponza Palace and Gothic Rector’s Palace, now a history gallery. Lined with limestone, the pedestrianized Stradun (otherwise known as Placa) has several shops and eateries.

With a foundation designed for vacationers, solo travel is easy in “The Adriatic’s Pearl”. The weather is usually pleasant. You can also take day excursions to Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you feel like taking an adventure, take a trekking or rock climbing tour with Croatia Traveler, where you’ll meet others with the same hobbies, or unwind on an island cruise with others while enjoying sunlight along the sensational Dalmatian coastline.
If you want to make friends quickly while on your trip, stay in lodgings close to the downtown area with lounges known for mingling, for example, Stari Grad or Jinx and Jinxy.

Learn more about the city here.


Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland, is on Ireland’s east side at the River Liffey’s mouth. Its medieval structures incorporate thirteenth century Dublin Castle and grand St. Patrick’s Cathedral, established in 1191. Sanctuary Bar is a riverside nightlife and social quarter, home to the Irish Film Institute. Grafton Street is the city’s key shopping territory and is also acclaimed for its buskers.

Anybody anyplace could make companions over a half quart of Guinness, and Irish accommodations are world-celebrated internationally for their warmth and kind disposition, particularly in Dublin. Head to a conventional Irish bar, which are bustling throughout the day, to banter with local people who are totally used to vacationers, even in the most remote spots. Join exploring tours investigating the literature greats, from Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw, winning Dublin its UNESCO City of Literature status.

Dublin has a lot to offer. See what other travelers say about this place here.


Queenstown, New Zealand sits on the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu, set against the breathtaking Southern Alps. The encompassing Central Otago district is known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards and for high-adrenaline sports. In winter, there’s backcountry skiing and the nation’s most astounding vertical drops. Summer brings paragliding, mountain biking and bungee-hopping (Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge is among the sport’s most unique destinations).

There’s so much to experience in the capital of New Zealand’s South Island that you might leave exasperated attempting to fit it all in. With so much to offer, Queenstown is a mecca for single adventure travelers. There’s also sublime gastronomy and nightlife, as well. Explorers frequently wind up staying longer than arranged, so consider yourself forewarned. It’s anything but difficult to lease an auto or join a group outing; the latter is a certain way to meet others, especially the very hospitable natives.

Queenstown is not the first word that comes to your tongue when you think of a vacation destination. However, it has the potential to become your favorite place to visit time and again. See more about it here.


The town of Tulum, Mexico (found 80 miles southeast of Cancun), is best known for being the shockingly-dramatic shoreline setting of the old Mayan city, Tulum. As of late, Tulum has earned a reputation for being a pure area for yoga and spiritual meditation. The eco-accommodating cabana lodgings bundled along the Caribbean Sea are primitive (there are no TVs and the power is created from windmills); however, that is an appeal in itself. Guests to Tulum can get involved together in every day yoga courses and guided meditation or scuba through adjacent freshwater caves.

There are not many activities that offer a greater open door for self-reflection than solo travel. What’s more, a couple calm days spent writing, reading or mulling over a white sand shoreline can be a decent approach to give yourself some space to de-stress and accumulate your musings.

There are a lot of pictures and information about vacationing in Tulum.


Santiago, Chile’s capital and biggest city, sits in a valley encompassed by the snow-topped Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range. Square de Armas, the amazing heart of the city’s old frontier center, is home to two neoclassical milestones: the mid-nineteenth century Royal Court Palace, which houses the National History Museum, and the eighteenth century Metropolitan Cathedral. Barrio Brasil and bohemian Barrio Bellavista offer exuberant nightlife.

Reliably raved about by explorers for its good transportation systems, superb eateries, and wonderful open spaces, Santiago is a complex and accessible, yet genuine South American city. Set out straight toward Bellavista, an in vogue bohemian quarter with bars, idiosyncratic structures, and masterful graffiti. Within reach from Santiago are colorful Valparaiso and spectacular Viña del Mar.

You can drink a michelada at Bar Don Rodrigo, which will make you relive the historic bar life. It’s plausible you’ll find yourself getting friendly with locals, and possibly invitations to family grills, as native people are extremely welcoming.

Santiago is the soul of Chile. If you have the chance, you must visit it. Learn more about Santiago.


While travelling alone can be tricky, it is always worth the risk and you come off a bit different as a person from your trip. If you are shy, a camera can be a good prop to carry with you. You can always hide your face behind it, using it as a cover. On the other hand, you can make use of the camera as an excuse to talk to more people, take their pictures, ask them to take yours and a lot more.

Make sure that you get fully involved wherever you go. Forget everything from your life in your homeland and make this your chance to set it all free!

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