Hi, my name is Maja and I am big fan of travel, photography and everything related to those two, in my opinion, very important hobbies, passions, way of life or whatever you choose to call them.

I traveled a lot - usual “must visit” destination – Paris, Rome, Prague, Istanbul, Budapest, Santorini, but my favorite was New York and I hope to go there again some day. Istanbul was also nice surprise - wonderful mixture of East and West, city full of historic buildings and modern life images and situations with mouth watering food and friendly local people.

In my opinion the best thing about traveling is that you can see different places and meet lot of nice and wonderful people and it opens your mind and heart to accept and embrace diverse cultures and ways of life.

My website is soloholidaying.com and with it I will try to help like-minded people - solo travelers, single people and those who are planning to try solo travel but are afraid to “dip their toes in“. Here you can find travel tips, advice about hot and interesting destinations, solo vacations and cruises.

Feel free to contact me at ivezicmaja@yahoo.com or use the contact form.​