Traveling alone is forbidden no longer. Actually, it’s presently more popular to go on excursions alone, as more individuals are finding the opportunity of exploring places on their own terms a benefit. Because of group chatting, meet-ups, and an unlimited abundance of online and advanced assets, taking off solo to your favorite destination is simpler than ever.

From the staggering scenes of Iceland to the sultry shorelines of Belize, numerous destinations have an open invitation for independent explorers. Still undecided? Here are a few tips on safe destinations that are popular with single travelers.


Reykjavik is Iceland’s coastal capital and holds many sites and places to explore. It’s home to the National and Saga Museums that follow Iceland’s Viking history. The striking cement Hallgrimskirkja church and rotating Perlan glass dome offer amazing perspectives of the ocean and adjacent hills. Representing the island’s sensational scenery is the volcanic setting of the geothermal Blue Lagoon spa.

Outside activities are popular in the capital as well. Base yourself in the capital for simple day treks to any side of the nation, interesting spots, or daring activities. Iceland usually tops solo explorers’ arrangements as being one of the most easy-to-use destinations. In Reykjavik, you can also hang out at The Laundromat Café, a social meeting center, where explorers and local people feast, wash clothing, have espresso, read books, and share travel tips. This makes a great place to make new friends too, if you want to.

Find more about people’s experiences in this fascinating city.


Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world and the capital of France. It is a noteworthy European city and a worldwide center for art, style, gastronomy and society. Its beautiful nineteenth century cityscape is mixed with wide boulevards and the River Seine. In the city you will pass a few points of interest like the Eiffel Tower and the twelfth century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral.

Besides its beautiful scenery and historical monuments, Paris is known for its bistro culture. With an unprecedented exhibit of bistros and cafes, Paris is a city where you can disappear while pouring over a cafe au lait, chocolate chaud, or luxurious pastries while watching French society through the panes on the Champs-Élysées. Solo explorers float towards Café de Flore and Deux Magots, which serve as meeting spots for tourists to sign up to investigate the city.
There are also (albeit expensive!) designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, which will be a mouthwatering experience for fashion lovers.

Paris has been a favorite destination for many solo travelers. You can find out more about the city here.


Bali is one of the islands in the country of Indonesia. It is known for its forested volcanic mountains, symbolic rice paddies, shorelines and coral reefs. The island is home to religious locations, for example, the Uluwatu Temple that hangs over a beautiful cliff. Toward the south, the beachside city of Kuta has vivacious bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are famous resort towns.

Yoga, spas, back rubs, shorelines, natural dinners and markets—would you say you are sold, yet? With such opportunities, Bali is a staple for solo voyagers from all over the globe. Individuals float into its simplicity of life and abundance of kindred single travelers. It helps that food is heavenly and cheap, just like the typical cost for basic items and the cost of living.

You can start your Bali journey with a trek to the Family Guesthouse in Ubud, which gives friendly, budget accommodations in a central area. Drawing in guests from all over the world, this is a prevalent base for meeting and blending with different explorers over luxurious communal breakfasts in a lavish tropical property.

Probably one of the most natural scenic places on the list, Bali can be a memorable destination to visit. Discover more.


Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a sprawling city known for its lavish places of worship and energetic street life. The pontoon-filled Chao Phraya River bolsters its system of waterways, streaming past Rattanakosin’s illustrious location, home to the rich Grand Palace and its consecrated Emerald Buddha sanctuary. Close by is Wat Pho with its gigantic leaning back Buddha and, on the opposite shore, Wat Arun with its lofty steps and Khmer-style tower.

Solo travel and Bangkok have a long and convoluted history. It’s regularly said that you’d be fortunate to meet a Thai in a few sections of Bangkok. Fortunately, different parts hold deep established originality, which still pulls in even the most experienced travelers. Sanctuaries, drifting markets, cheap shopping, and a fun nightlife keep the most dynamic tourists caught up in the city.

If you want to meet travelers by the dozen, head to Khao San Road: a center point of lodgings, bars and youths having a great time. Or, any spot of specific individual enthusiasm to you is a reasonable approach to meet others with comparable hobbies. Bangkok is infamous for creating quick friendships.

While it does not enjoy the best reputation in terms of morals, Bangkok can be a place to set it all loose and enjoy the moment. Learn what Bangkok has to offer.


Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. It mirrors all the romantic ideas of Spain, as it is home to Moorish structures and bullfighting. It is also a center for flamenco dance, particularly in the Triana neighborhood. The city is known for its fancy Alcázar palace, which is amazing and was created amid the Moorish Almohad dynasty. The eighteenth century Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza bullring is also a great place to visit. The enormous Gothic cathedral is the site of Christopher Columbus’ tomb and there is also a well-known minaret turned bell tower, the Giralda.

Effectively safe by walking, Seville offers brilliant pottery, cobbled back streets and mouth-watering markets. The city is a photographer’s fantasy with boundless appeal, forcing travelers to stay a while.

Seville euphorically mixes the best of food and socializing. Doused in warm climes, local people gather outside tapas bars, which are the establishment of the spirit of nightlife. One of the most loved bars is Casa Morales, where the reputation for authenticity goes before itself. Visit with amicable local people and chat over shrimp and pieces of garlic cooked in earthenware dishes.

Seville is a city of nice people and great weather. Find out more.


The above-mentioned list contains the best destinations for solo explorers, having an astounding concoction of geography alongside fundamentally distinctive societies, dialects, and traditions.

Safety and enjoyment win in every one of them, making any of them perfect for your next solo experience.

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