To travel alone can be exciting and full of adventure, and lately single ladies start discovering the benefits of exploring the world alone even more. But what are the best vacations for singles that women can enjoy? Well, there are many opportunities out there, but it is best to do some research prior to your travel experience if you want to enjoy a great experience.

It is easy to find forums and blogs on internet with advice about safe travel destinations. Women who have experience in this kind of travel will give you tips and guidelines and it is up to you to decide where to go, of course depending on your budget and preferences.

Travel Alone, Why Not?

It is not uncommon for women to travel alone these days because they might like not having to take someone else into account when planning the day’s schedule. And when they travel on their own they have more freedom to decide what they like, where they want to go or what they want to do. So, with a bit of planning, women can have the best solo vacations ever as well.

As a woman, you may want to avoid traveling to areas where there is any conflict, to stay away from danger, but otherwise, you may be surprised by the hospitality the local people will offer you. And not only hospitality. Contrary to popular belief, common courtesy and willingness to help still exist so you may find assistance and support during your travel when you least expect.

A single woman traveling will be more quickly approached by other women, from that particular country, for a chat and even receiving an invitation to grab a home cooked meal. For instance, when traveling in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, such invitations are very likely to appear. The local women are not afraid to be friendly with another woman, even if she is a foreign traveler. The case would be entirely different if that woman is traveling with someone else or with a group. So you may enjoy a bit more hospitality than normal if you come to these places as a single traveler and a woman.

Where to Travel

Also, Europe is great destination for solo travelers, including women. In the big cities of Europe you won’t have an issue getting around because most people speak English very well. You will not feel alone or exposed int Paris or London, in fact you can approach other travelers or groups who also wait in the line in front of a museum or a famous tourist destination, start to chat with them and maybe have a lunch or night out together. So the vacations for singles may happen here.

But if you like to explore the wilderness with your backpack then you must visit Australia and New Zealand. Here, everybody is open-minded when it comes to travelers because everybody comes here having one thing in mind. And that is to start hiking and discovering the world on their own. Backpacking can be wonderful and budget friendly way to explore Australia and New Zealand. It should not be a problem to find cheap flights and accommodation so travel to those far destinations does not have to be too expensive and can be a lifetime experience.

Other Choices

So you want to know what the best solo vacations are. Well, it is mainly up to you and what do you plan on discovering. Wherever you go you will have good time and discover new places from which you will bring tons of photos and memories. Wish to know which are the safest destinations for single female travelers? You can try visiting Iceland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Thailand, Bali, Canada, Greece, Costa Rica or The Netherlands. Each of them will offer you a unique experience, offering you the best single vacation ever. Regardless of the destination of your choice, do take some time to plan. Plane tickets are cheaper if they are bought in advance with several months, and you will also have the time to apply for a visa if the case.

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